About GIY

Welcome to Glue It Yourself! Here at GIY we specialize in handcrafted celebrations.

Getting married? Throwing a bridal or baby shower? Is your child graduating? You husband turning the big 4-0?

Whatever the celebration, we can help you personalize your event to get that creative look you want.  From table numbers, seating cards, and centerpieces, to favors, bridesmaid gifts, and signage, we can bring your ideas and your vision to life!  Take a look around using the navigation bar for inspiration and email glueityourself@gmail.com to work on some ideas together.


I’m inspired by inspiration. That’s a weird thing to say, I know. I just love when people feel inspired, ideas are shared, beauty brings joy, and creativity sparks conversation.

GIY was created after many years of crafting my little heart out. I remember when I was young I painted and decorated a room divider in ribbon, feathers, and sparkles and my mom said to me, “You could sell that!”. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it. I kept it in my room, brought it to college, and then years later it ended up in a pile on the street at the bottom of our driveway. As I watched from my window, I saw a little girl excitedly ask her dad if she could take it home and then she was able to experience the sparkles and glitter for herself!

My point is that my mom had faith in me as a little lady and as I’ve pored over the ever-present question, “What do I want to do with my life?”, the answer lies in what I love to do, and that’s hand make crafts for others to enjoy!

There’s something special about hand making something – so much time and thought goes into it. Whether it’s crafts, a birthday cake, or remodeling a car, it becomes your baby and you want to send it off into the world dressed up real nice so others can experience your baby’s good looks and charm.

If you’d like GIY to handcraft your next celebration, please contact me:




oh and here’s a picture of me 🙂



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