Declan’s Debut

Declan was introduced to the world (or just some family and friends in Brooklyn) this weekend!

The Children’s Book Themed Event, formerly known as Tracy & Ben’s Baby Shower, was filled with love and fun as we celebrated the birth of this baby boy!

Here are some pics of the event and some of the decor:

IMG_8941  IMG_8938

photo 2-7

IMG_8932  IMG_8873 IMG_8877 IMG_8883 IMG_8896 IMG_8908

Declan was very impressed… or sleepy.


He was VERY excited by Pam’s Diaper Motorcycle that Grover rolled in on:photo 1-7

Pam also created some fun games for us to play, like the diaper decorating contest and guess the baby food:photo 3-6

Tracy doesn’t seem to like the taste of this one:

photo 4-6

This is a much prettier pic of her and lil Suhr!

photo 1-8 photo 2-8

The favors consistent of some cute book marks, and these amazing Dr. Seuss cookie hats made by Lauren:photo 4-5 photo 3-5  photo 5-3

We love you Declan!


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